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Investment properties & Interest-houses

Value of investment property on substance.

Take advantage of leased residential and commercial buildings with a return of up to 10% pa

You have from the beginning to the safety and intrinsic value of a property, which is in the course of the holding period can still increase tax-free and also has a very excellent income from the rental income. Month after month, year after year ...   learn more

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Residential Investment & Investments up to 10% return pa

We offer a small, exclusive audience of special investment properties as portfolio additions, and as an alternative to bank products.

Our rented houses are characterized by a 10% margin and is further possible increase in value from. The buildings are rented in each case. The amount of rent is local custom or below what can seem to be possible at a subletting tenant change to higher prices. Often, there are still untapped revenue opportunities, such as rental of garages, parking spaces or attic conversions.

We invest exclusively by us previously in selected sites in good locations, German towns, with appreciation potential.

As a private investor, you have the privilege to sell the "apartment building" after a holding period of 10 years with additional proceeds tax-free. In the time like a locally-based property management cares upon request to all matters. Everything can be done by phone or internet, quite as if the income property for you around the corner ...  

If an "apartment building" also is a listed building, you can get to benefit from higher depreciation (special depreciation).


We advise you to like detail in our offices in Berlin:

aavy Asset Management GmbH

Kurfürstendamm 193 E . 10707 Berlin . Telefon: (030) - 20 20 00 33 .

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The Internet portal with the highest returns in the range of rented residential and commercial buildings in Germany. 10 percent return per year through rental income from leased investment property and apartment buildings.

10% return per annum = Dt rented houses in good areas. Small towns. + Tax-free appreciation from 10 years holding period + other income increase by sale / rent v. Garages, gardens, loft conversion + partly. Monument special depreciation + good affordability (lever).

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